Equine Assisted Psychotherapy Alternative Help

Equine Assisted Leadership courses offer families an alternative. Family counseling and therapy with horses is lively, engaging, and even fun. Most therapy courses also offer family and individual sessions in their offices.

Co-parenting Sessions – Co-parents (whether living together or apart) have to negotiate, cooperate and lead while working as a cohesive team. Sometimes co-parenting feels anything but cohesive. The horses show us how to blend leadership and teamwork to be stronger, more effective, and happier co-parents.

Marriage Counseling –  Romantic relationships often start easy and begin to require work over time. Paradoxically, relationships between horses start challenged and settle into ease over time. Why? In the herd, each horse knows its place, responsibilities, and relationship to the other members of the family/herd. Horses find ease in knowing. In marriage counseling, we discover the dynamics of the relationship and work toward ease, acknowledging each partner’s strengths and challenges, and finding ways to support each other.

Individual Empowerment and Leadership – Equine Assisted Psychotherapy is experiential in nature. The client, youth or adult, participates in activities (on the ground-no riding) with the horses. Learning about oneself in relation to others is empowering. Individuals develop and strengthen inherent skills in communication, leadership, and teamwork.

Teen Talk – Individually or in groups, teens work with the horses on problem-solving activities. Equine therapy is active and engages the teen in interaction with the horses. Horses never have a hidden agenda, they always tell the truth clearly, and they are masters of non-verbal communication. These attributes are often missing in a teen’s life and community, and teens who master them are more resilient and capable in the world. It is much easier to open up and embrace growth with such trustworthy “therapists” as horses.

Bringing the Family Together – Family sessions are active and enlightening. Which horse are you most like? Why? Who does that horse remind you of? Why? Families work together to accomplish challenging goals with the horses. The dynamics of the family relationships are at play and the horses give ample opportunity to discover, adapt and embrace these dynamics. Many Homeschool Associations have recognized the value of this type of therapy as well. Patterns of strength help the family reach goals, while behaviors and dynamics that don’t work are quickly highlighted with on the spot opportunities to discover what works and make those changes.

Equine Assisted Growth & Learning

Equine Assisted Learning is accomplished through experiential sessions for adults, families, couples, and youth. Clients work with a wonderful herd of horses, facilitated by licensed mental health therapists and equine specialists who are certified by EAGALA (Equine Assisted Growth and Learning Association, eagala.org).

Clients are directed to participate in simple activities on the ground with horses, and they do not ride. The facilitators guide and comment on the activity. EAL sessions may also be scheduled for corporate or non-profit groups for team building and conflict resolution. Home Made Health efforts can be perfectly combined with therapies like these.

HSPs and Horses Weekly Groups and Private Sessions

HSPs are deeply reflective, sensitive to subtle stimuli, and emotionally tuned-in people, and we may find ourselves being more thoughtful about our lives and people around us:

  • Would you love to spend time in nature with other HSPs in an environment designed for you?
  • As an HSP do you find it difficult to communicate or set boundaries with loved ones?
  • Do you ever feel misunderstood by your partner, by the world?
  • Do you struggle with friends or family members who are less sensitive?
  • Are you hesitant to find love for fear of being too sensitive or being wounded?
  • Do you ever wonder if there is a different way to recharge your parenting/partnering self?

You can join the Heart and Mind Equine herd of highly sensitive rescue horses to explore high sensitivity in weekly individual or small group sessions. If your life doesn’t bring you what you expected, consider an Equine Assisted Program. Horses always communicate their needs and desires clearly with subtle cues that increase in intensity and “release” at the smallest indication of understanding. If only we were all so clear. We can learn this subtle art of clear communication from the horses and apply it to our lives with respect and compassion for ourselves and others.