What Word Describes Your Life Right Now?

Inspired by Lexie Lane’s post for her birthday, I decided to talk about what I think of my life right now. I decided to do this because while I thought writing about myself would shed some light on who I am, the topics seemed out of left field for me. My posts are about motherhood, healthy eating, and getting my body back in shape.

I would rather share bits about myself a little at a time, and when I truly feel inspired, not just basing the posts on some random prompts–Nothing against NaBoPoMo, it would just seem out of character for THIS blog. Moving on!

Lexie Lane of Voiceboks is celebrating her 35th birthday by sharing a recap of her life and describing it as Perfect, so why don’t you go over there and wish her a Happy Birthday! She asked the question, “What word would you describe your life at this very moment?” and my word is Appreciation.

If you’ve read my About Me, you can probably see why I am so appreciative of my life at this very moment. What you won’t see in that short biography is my life before meeting my husband. All the struggles, the heartache, the close calls. Here’s a timeline of my life.

1991 – Born. Live in a tiny upstairs apartment with my parents.

1992 – Move just before first birthday into a mobile home in a town filled with the wealthy. Interesting childhood.

1995 – Parents buy first house in Levittown, NY. Love having space and all my new friends!

1997 – Father gets into accident leaving him disabled. It’s hard on the family.

1999 – Bounce around with Mom while parents are separated. Start High School. Mom finds new love interest.

2001 – Live with Mom’s boyfriend, outside of my school district, but High School doesn’t know and thinks I’m living with Dad. Parents divorce finalized. Start dating a guy from New Jersey.

2005 – Take a break with guy from NJ, become friends with a boy from school. His family takes me in with all the BS going on at home, I finally feel like part of a family. Father’s depression, alcoholism and lack in taking care of his health, he passes away of heart attack at 47. Mom’s love interest takes us for all we’ve got, literally. Friend’s family is there for me. School threatens to kick me out if I don’t find accommodations within school district for Junior year. Mom and I find a rental. Ditch my friend’s family without explanation, and all extra time is spent traveling to NJ to be with boyfriend (again). Lose most of my friends, and those that care about me. Never live down that regret.

2008 – Graduate high school and move to New Jersey with boyfriend. Think he is ‘the one’. Start college in New Jersey. Mom finds a new love interest (now my step-father, great person!).

2010 – Mom has step-father tell me they got married in an e-mail. Anniversary of Dad’s passing approaches, I fall into a depression and drop out of college. Leave boyfriend in NJ after 4 years of dating (8 months of living together) and move in with Aunt back on Long Island. Start working at electronics retail chain, meet now-husband but hardly know his name.

2012 – Start losing trust in friends and family. Depressed again. Start dating around, with more mistrust and heartbreak. Hit rock bottom and want to focus on building me back up. Go back to college. Now-husband wants to start dating, nothing serious, I tell him I’m not ready. Seems too good to pass up, I take a chance. Quickly fall head over heels and move in together after a few short months. I get caught up in previous boyfriend drama and almost break up. I beg for another chance.

2013 – Now-husband and I are doing great, enjoying time together, and find out we are pregnant. Start looking for houses. Are told we absolutely won’t be approved. I am heartbroken. We find a different bank, get approved, buy our first house. Now-husband switches jobs. Elizabeth is born. Take a break from college.

2014 – Life is good. Get married. Got pregnant again. Celebrate Elizabeth’s first birthday.

2015 – Think we want to sell our house, have it listed for a week and decide it is a bad idea. Mikey is born.

2016 – Time to sell the house. Stress of selling and mounting expenses putting me back in a depression. Two contracts fall through right before closing, we start losing hope. Find the new house we want to buy in Levittown, NY, but are held up because our house hasn’t sold yet. Go into contract 3rd time, goes off without a hitch and close in Oct 2013. Move in with Aunt temporarily while waiting to close on the new house. Almost get into bidding war over the new house but seller sticks with us. We close on the house in Dec 2016. Renovations start.

2017 Living in renovation zone, but taking our time because it’s our forever home. Husband’s commute is much shorter which means more family time. The house has its surprises but we couldn’t be happier with where we are. We are appreciative!

What word describes your life right now?