Early Childhood Education – Salary and Job

The early childhood education salary a person might expect to receive will vary because the compensation amount for early childhood education jobs varies based on many factors.

An early childhood education salary will vary based on a number of factors, including where a person works and the type of degree that they have. Kindergarten teachers in New York, on average, earn about $71,000, while a kindergarten teacher in New Jersey, makes on average, $54,000. A preschool teacher in New York will earn about $31,000 a year, while one in Alaska will make about $32,000 a year.

Early childhood education jobs availability and early childhood education salary is always changing and will be vary based on location as shown in the examples above. These figures are estimates and may vary per region

The amount of education, the type of degree and the type of job a person has in this specific field, will all make a big difference in their pay. For instance, early childhood education jobs such as those filled by preschool teachers don’t pay as well kindergarten teacher jobs do.

Early Childhood Education Jobs and Early Childhood Education Salary Factors

The amount of education a person has will affect their pay. In fact, early childhood education salary will be greatly dependent on that fact. A person with an associate degree is bound to earn significantly less than a person who has a bachelor’s degree, though, in a way, that’s not entirely fair, What matters is the quality of the teacher.

This is why a kindergarten teacher earns more than a preschool teacher. It requires more education to become the former than the latter. A person who wants to experience a bump in salary should opt for a four-year degree or use their associate degree as a springboard to their bachelor’s degree. A few, additional years of education should do the trick.

Early Childhood Education Salary and Early Childhood Education Jobs in Regards to Location

Salary will be greatly influenced by where a person lives. Individuals that live on the coasts (East and West) are likely to be paid more than those in the Midwest or down south. This is because the cost of living tends to be higher on the East and West coasts. Individuals will need to consider the average early childhood education salary before deciding to work early childhood education jobs.

It is important than an individual be sure that early childhood education jobs they are considering or aspire to have, pay enough for them to live the life that they want to live. While working as a kindergarten teacher a person may pull in a decent salary, a person working as a pre-school teacher, may or may not. It will depend on where a person lives, the amount of education and the experience they have.

Unfortunately and perhaps, fortunately, early childhood education jobs tend to have a lot of turnovers. This is unfortunate for the people in that field that it did not work out for but fortunate for those people who are able to ill those early childhood education jobs which have been vacated. Another reason is that more and more parents decide to homeschool their children.

A person that loves kids is well educated and enthusiastic about the field, may find this to be a dream career. Many people quit the field because the pay is low and the job can sometimes be challenging. The more education a person has the better because they can command a higher salary, which allows them to perform a job that they love while being well compensated for it.

Jobs can be found all over the United States. Wherever there are children, age birth to 5, chances are there are early childhood jobs to be found. Whether or not the corresponding early childhood education salary is decent will depend on the educational requirements for the job. Jobs that require that people be better educated will pay more than those that do not. Thus, areas that need a lot of kindergarten teachers will offer a higher early childhood education salary than those that only require the services of preschool early childhood education jobs. There’s so much evidence that good teachers matter!

Isn’t this all about feeling happy or not in the job you love most?