And life goes on-moving to a new house

I am. so. tired. The last few days have just been…crazy. I’m the kind of tired that coffee’s not even touching, you know? So, because I’m tired and also quite lazy, I’m gonna post about random things and use bullets. Because bullets are fun!

  • There are a lot of bugs here at our new house. I wouldn’t go so far as to say we’re “out in the country”, but we’re much more rural than we’ve ever been before, and with rural comes bugs. Lots and lots of bugs. The mosquitoes are especially relentless; I have twenty-six bites between my two feet alone. Julia’s are more angry welts than bites and they’re downright painful to look at.

  • Turns out, when it comes to bugs – and frogs – Dave’s a big ol’ pansy. Julia ran up to him with a frog cupped in her hands the other day and after he stopped convulsing he admitted that he “almost screamed like a girl” when he laid eyes on it. I don’t even want to get into what went down when I told him there was an inchworm on his shoulder last night.
  • We had ductless air conditioning installed last week and it is awesome. When we started The Great House Hunt of ’16 I said I wouldn’t consider a house that didn’t have four bedrooms or central air; this house has three bedrooms and came with two window air conditioners. I can live without the fourth bedroom – there are plenty of drawers for a potential third child to sleep in (if we even have a third child, which looks less and less likely as Oliver gets older and more…Oliver-like) – but mama can’t live without air. I’m a true Canadian girl – I like it cold. F*** that sweating action.
  • Julia is going to be four next week. Four going on fourteen, given the special brand of teenage-style attitude she’s been dishing out as of late. We, along with grandparents and uncles, bought her (and Oliver, since his birthday’s in August) a honkin’ play structure for the backyard complete with monkey bars, ladders, a canopied watchtower, swings and a slide. Due to the totally shitty, monsoon-style weather we’ve had ‘round here lately it’s taken two days to put together. The kids stand at the patio doors with their faces pressed against the glass, staring wistfully at the “park” in their backyard, asking me in their sad little voices when it will stop raining.
  • Since last February, I’ve lost almost fifty pounds. F***in’ A, man!
  • Oliver figured out how to scale the baby gate in his doorway and escape from the confines of his bedroom. Dave and I stood in the hall and watched, somewhat astounded but really not all that surprised, as he hitched his leg up over the gate, straddled it briefly, fell face-first on the hall floor with a thud then stood up and yelled triumphantly, “I did it!” before toddling off to Julia’s bedroom. Because we don’t have central air we have to keep the bedroom doors open for the cold air to circulate, so it’s come down to us stacking two gates in his doorway, one on top of each other, jail-style. I asked Dave the other night if he had a carrot that I could stick through the gate holes to feed the boy with.
  • I am totally, completely, hopelessly hooked on Degrassi: The Next Generation re-runs. And although he’d be hard-pressed to admit it, Dave is too.
  • Thanks for all of your supportive comments and amazing suggestions about what to do with my broken plate – I told a friend of mine yesterday that I felt they were some of the best comments I’d ever received. I’ve given it a lot of thought and I’ve decided to let Dave fix it. I might not be able to hang it for a while – the thought of seeing it cracked still bothers me – but I want him to fix it. Because, as so many of you pointed out, the cracks in the plate are very symbolic of my relationship with my mother…and when I look at it that way, it doesn’t hurt as bad.
  • Guess which fluffy wuffy dog we’re watching on Friday night? And of course, Julia wants the dog to sleep in her room, on her bed. I’m tempted to ask my mother in law to drain the dog’s anal glands before she comes over…