All things need to be done before we move in

It’s bright and early on Saturday morning – well, it’s about 9:30, so maybe not all that early, but it sure is bright! I’m tricking myself into thinking that it’s gorgeous out, since it’s so sunny, but as I sit here listening to the heat feverishly rising into the radiators, I can pretty much surmise that it’s probably a good twenty degrees outside, IF that.

I’m still sleepy – yesterday, my husband and I both left work early because we had our home inspection. We met up at the house with our realtor, the inspector, and my parents. My mom and I scurried around the house, measuring all of the windows for curtains and blinds, and we giggled over where we would put things, what we needed, and how it would look when we’re done, as my husband and dad followed the inspector around – my dad translated to Aaron, since he is not fluent in “house speak.”

All told, it took about 2 1/2 hours, and nothing we weren’t already aware of was uncovered. A bunch of little things that we’ll have taken care of before we move in – so I was happy. I pretty much held my breath through the entire thing, since it’s an old, old house, and while it was recently restored, I was afraid that despite how amazing it looks cosmetically, that they would find something structurally wrong. So, like I said, a bunch of little stuff, but certainly nothing at all that would preclude us from buying and moving in.

After the inspection was finished, Aaron and I drove around so that I could show him all the landmarks, like our gym, where we’ll grocery shop, the nearby park, the running trail along the river, and the bad parts, because he honestly wanted to see what everyone talks about as being “bad.” It’s not so bad. I know I’m biased since it is my hometown, but really, it’s no different from any other city, even the one we live in now.

We ended up at Cobblestones for dinner, where we had yummy calamari and even yummier martinis (well, I did, Aaron had a beloved microbrew as usual). Today, we are just poring over the inspection report and making a list of things we want the seller to do. Tonight, we are going to see Motley Crue. Between the house and the Crue, I’ve never seen my husband so excited. Well, almost never. Then tomorrow, it’s back to the house for a bit and some much needed relaxing, including blueberry pancakes.

There is just so much to do. I’m so, so excited, and surprisingly, not nervous at all. I really think we can pack our apartment in a weekend, and then live ghetto for a week before our official move-in date. We close at the end of this month, and we’ll move in mid-next-month. Eeee!