Early Childhood Education Degree Online

An early childhood education degree online can be a great way for individuals interested in getting into the field of teaching very young children. Those who would like to work as a preschool or kindergarten teacher will find that they need to have the appropriate education and training to do so. What is appropriate will vary depending on the area in which one lives and the type of job a person is looking to obtain.

For instance, a person that wants to work as a kindergarten teacher will need a Bachelor’s degree, while a preschool teacher might only need an Associate’s degree. Some jobs won’t require that a person has any type of early childhood education degree online or offline at all.

A person that wants to work with young children may want to obtain an early childhood education degree online. There are many reasons why a person might want to get their early childhood education degree online. Convenience, flexibility and the ability to fit schooling into one’s schedule are three of the primary reasons why many people choose to get their early childhood education degree online. We will further discuss some of the reasons to obtain an early childhood education degree online below.

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Online Colleges – What They Can Offer

Those looking to get the skills needed for a certain line of work will need to learn their skills somewhere. This is why many will start to attend the different online colleges which are available. There are many different things that you can learn from these programs.

The programs which are offered are broken down into the specialized programs you might be looking for. This will help you to be able to get the career that you really want to have as well as the life that you deserve.

Getting an Associate’s Degree

The majority of the online colleges that you can find will allow you to get an associate’s degree in the kind of career that you want to work in. This will indicate to the career centers that you have completed the coursework and that you are ready to enter your profession.

These programs focus on the specific skills that you will need to work in a specific job. This will help you to get hired in the career that you are trying to work in. It is important to remember that the kind of work that you will do will likely be limited to what you are learning in the classes.

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The Crucial Role of Education

Education is any process, formal or informal, by which an individual is encouraged to fully develop his or her potential. It also provides an individual with the necessary knowledge, skills, and character to be a productive member of society.

The term ‘education’ is often used to mean formal education. Formal education is a conscious effort by human society to pass on skills and information considered vital for socialization. Learning that takes in schools or a similar environment is a form of formal education.

In countries with a developing culture, you can often find only limited formal education. Many children will be learning from the adults that surround them and the environment around them where other individuals will serve as their teachers. In more developed societies, a highly developed and efficient way of transmitting accumulated knowledge and values (the school system and teachers) will become necessary.

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Early Childhood Education – Salary and Job

The early childhood education salary a person might expect to receive will vary because the compensation amount for early childhood education jobs varies based on many factors.

An early childhood education salary will vary based on a number of factors, including where a person works and the type of degree that they have. Kindergarten teachers in New York, on average, earn about $71,000, while a kindergarten teacher in New Jersey, makes on average, $54,000. A preschool teacher in New York will earn about $31,000 a year, while one in Alaska will make about $32,000 a year.

Early childhood education jobs availability and early childhood education salary is always changing and will be vary based on location as shown in the examples above. These figures are estimates and may vary per region

The amount of education, the type of degree and the type of job a person has in this specific field, will all make a big difference in their pay. For instance, early childhood education jobs such as those filled by preschool teachers don’t pay as well kindergarten teacher jobs do.

Early Childhood Education Jobs and Early Childhood Education Salary Factors

The amount of education a person has will affect their pay. In fact, early childhood education salary will be greatly dependent on that fact. A person with an associate degree is bound to earn significantly less than a person who has a bachelor’s degree, though, in a way, that’s not entirely fair, What matters is the quality of the teacher.

This is why a kindergarten teacher earns more than a preschool teacher. It requires more education to become the former than the latter. A person who wants to experience a bump in salary should opt for a four-year degree or use their associate degree as a springboard to their bachelor’s degree. A few, additional years of education should do the trick.

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Evidence That Good Teachers Matter

A very large study concluded last year is common sense to some, makes some of our politically-oriented colleagues see red, but provides much-needed validation to the rest of us.

The study’s title is: “The Long-Term Teacher Impacts: The Value-Added Outcomes of Teachers in Adulthood: The study was conducted by John Friedman and Raj Chetty of Harvard University and Columbia University’s Jonah E. Rockoff. The study tracked two and a half million students over twenty years from grade four to adulthood.

Although the whole “value-added” topic is where civil conversation can begin to unravel, I hope you’ll stay with me for the larger point of this post. Value-added, of course, refers to using average test-score gain as the measure of teacher quality. (Nothing controversial there, right?)

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School and GED start with Preschool

I’ve always felt that a disadvantage to having Julia at home with me is that she’s missing out on the structure and social interaction a daycare setting provides. I am grateful beyond words that I’m able to stay at home with my children and although being a stay-at-home mother is hard – damn hard, sometimes – it is without question the most rewarding thing I’ve ever done in my life.

Yet there are things I feel are integral for children to have and experience that I simply cannot give Julia here at home; structure and social interaction top the list. I’ve done my best to ensure that Julia interacts with other kids her age as much as possible and I try to offer her as much structure and routine as I can here at home even if I am every day busy with my GED prep that I take on the Best GED Classes website.

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Homeschool Associations as Platforms for Interested Parties

At my work at our Adult Learning Center, I get so many questions about homeschooling that in this post, I’ll try to shine some light on a sometímes controversial topic. Homeschooling is no longer a fad or trend that parents are merely trying out. In fact, there are a lot of parents who are seriously considering taking on homeschooling for their own children.

This is because of the fact that a lot of homeschooled children actually often outperform their peers from both public and private schools. This can be attributed to the fact that the child receives undivided attention from his parent/teacher. This is not something public or private schools can fully promise.

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Home Made Health

Eat, Drink and Be Blessed

During our college days, veteran psychologist Guy Wolfkill often raised his index finger in a solemn admonition which came to make a lot of common sense to us.  “If you want to live the fullest life for the longest time,” Dr. Wolfkill warned, “you must learn to sacrifice present pleasures for future benefits.”  Sounds simple, doesn’t it?  But it isn’t, at all.  In fact, your daily habits are almost sacred to you, and your appetite is usually the most sacred of all.

Said less cleverly:  If you are determined to have a genuinely happy life, you must pay the price.  it is not expensive in dollars, but it is in sense.  It comes only by self-control, not by luck or special blessing, except as you may have long-lived ancestors whose heritage of health may give you some advantage.  And the better an ancestor you are–if you can look ahead that far–the more grateful your descendants will be for their heritage of health.

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Magic Pill?

Wouldn’t it be great if science could discover a magic pill which would bring health to everyone! Or would it?  We agree that our society would be in a much worse situation than it is if scientific discoveries had not added twenty years to our lives.

Yet medical science is baffled by new diseases it can neither explain nor cure.  And it has made more than a few errors:  drugs which have backfired with serious side effects and treatments which have killed more than cured.  Would you welcome insights on some fundamentals of health which were given to man a long time ago, not only to remedy disease but also to prevent it–and early death?

Suppose you find that you can stop the knock in your car’s motor by either reducing its compression or buying a higher octane gasoline instead of your current brand.  Which would you choose?

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Equine Assisted Psychotherapy Alternative Help

Equine Assisted Leadership courses offer families an alternative. Family counseling and therapy with horses is lively, engaging, and even fun. Most therapy courses also offer family and individual sessions in their offices.

Co-parenting Sessions – Co-parents (whether living together or apart) have to negotiate, cooperate and lead while working as a cohesive team. Sometimes co-parenting feels anything but cohesive. The horses show us how to blend leadership and teamwork to be stronger, more effective, and happier co-parents.

Marriage Counseling –  Romantic relationships often start easy and begin to require work over time. Paradoxically, relationships between horses start challenged and settle into ease over time. Why? In the herd, each horse knows its place, responsibilities, and relationship to the other members of the family/herd. Horses find ease in knowing. In marriage counseling, we discover the dynamics of the relationship and work toward ease, acknowledging each partner’s strengths and challenges, and finding ways to support each other.

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